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This page is a special project of Tundra Tom.  He has just started listing his favorite Christmas Cooking Treats, and just started telling his story. Be sure to stop back from time to time to get the whole story.  Be sure to enter your name and email on the front page to be sure you get all of Tundra Tom’s recipes.

Tom’s story follows:

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Christmas Smells. Have you ever taken a good whiff of Myrrh? Have your ever cleaned out Rudoph’s and the gang’s stable? No, well I have. My name is Tundra Tom and I have a thing or three to say about Christmas smells. You bet I do.

I’m part time help up here round Christmas time when things start to get real hectic. I’ve been doing it for years. I pitch in where ever Santa needs help. Some years he sends me South to check on some of the borderline kids. You know, the ones that are not really good, but not really so bad. Santa always wants to get a second opinion before he puts someone on the old Coal list. That can be a dicey job sometimes, particularly when kids are acting out because of the stuff that’s going on around them.

I guess Santa knows I’m a big softie at heart, just like him. That’s why he sends me instead of Jangles. Jangles is an okay kind of elf, but once upon a time he got some pixie dust stuffed up his nose and sneezed so hard I think he rattled his little brain. He just isn’t as easy going as he once was. And Santa would much rather think of all his kids as good one.

Now don’t get to thinking I’m an elf like Jangles. I’m not. I’m as human as you or anyone else. It’s just that I got born on a Christmas eve in a snow bank in Minnesota, when my folk’s car got stuck on the way to the hospital. That might have been my first and last day had Santa not seen us as he was passing by overhead in his sleigh.

He swooped down and hooked his sleigh to my pop’s car. Then he and the reindeer pulled us out of the ditch and most of the way into town before he had to go back to his rounds.

Ever since then, he has treated me as if I was his favorite nephew. When I was old enough, he invited me up to the North Pole to help with some of the pre Christmas chores. That was many years ago now. And I have seen many Christmas’ come and go.

Some times I help with the Reindeer which is kind of fun. I’m especially pals with Cupid. He’s given me some good tips on how to get along with the ladies. He likes to live up to his namesake whenever he can. Dancer does too, but I’ve never been much of a dancer myself.

I’ve become quite a carpenter over the years in the toy shop, but we don’t do nearly as much as we used to with wood these days. A lot has changed. And while Christmas is still the same, the way people celebrate it changes over time.

It used to be people would light candles placed on their trees, but not any more. I guess that’s for the better cause of fires and the like, but electric lights, no matter how twinkly, are just not the same.

I like the way more and more people seem to decorate their house’s though. That adds a lot to the sparkle.

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